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Georgina Denis

CEO & Co-founder, PSi

Georgie Denis is CEO and a Co-Founder at PSi. Georgie has eight years of experience in management and leadership, which started with the NHS Leadership Academy in 2014.

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PSi creates participatory experiences for teams, communities and organizations that use collective intelligence design principles. We are the minds behind PSi - a revolutionary audio platform for civic governance.


In 2018 Georgie was awarded a Global Health Leadership Fellowship by the Global Health Corps. In 2022, Georgie will join the international Halcyon Incubator Fellowship to continue her development as an entrepreneur.

Georgie’s business experience includes leading growth at the Health Foundation. She developed and implemented the growth strategy for a professional network and 10x membership in less than a year ( In 2019, Georgie began to work in tech, leading the product development and successful FDA clearance of Clue Birth Control (contraceptive software as a medical device). She delivered for BioWink GmbH a differentiated product on the femtech market and FDA clearance of Clue Birth Control in only 18 months. Georgie can deliver products and growth at pace, making her uniquely suited to achieving large-scale adoption for PSi.

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One sentence pitch

PSi is a voice platform for organisations to generate consumer insight for improved decision-making.

Industry / sector

Market research.

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Ireland relocating to UK.

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The market research and insights market is £25.6 billion but is highly fragmented. The market demands an insights tool that is real-time, contextual, collaborative, and easily digestible. Existing insights tools to create consumer insights are general purpose, such as survey tools like SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, and Typeform. However, polling and surveys have low engagement rates (~10%).

Services for qualitative insights collection, like UserTesting and UserZoom, provide deeper insights but are very expensive to use at scale, and it can take weeks to receive actionable insights. Generating consumer insights is so complicated that User Researcher is one of the fastest-growing roles in tech (~20% YoY).


PSi changes how product teams, consulting companies, and policymakers engage with consumers to generate insights that support their decision-making. PSi’s algorithm means our customers can host one voice meeting with thousands of people to ask product-market fit questions or public attitude questions, e.g. How can Netflix improve its family entertainment experience? PSi generates insights to answer these complex questions from user’s voice conversations.

The algorithm solves the challenges of decision-making based on survey data/focus groups with limited engagement and scalability.PSi’s algorithm (patent pending), incentive system, and voice technology dramatically change the scale and frequency our customers can leverage end-user insights. PSi’s comprehensive dashboard provides our customers with deep data analytics insights into their customer’s behaviours, needs and wants. Our customers go from using proxy metrics (like NPS or click-through rates) to understand user needs to a comprehensive, qualitative understanding of their users so they can stay effective, innovative and competitive.

Business model

B2B SaaS.


YouGov, Ipsos Group.


Year to date revenue for 2022: $100000. Revenue for 2021: $100,000.

Looking for

Early adopters.

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