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Dr. Maxwell Munford

CEO & Founder | PhD, osstec

Growing up in an entrepreneurial environment and gaining exposure to technology at the forefront of MedTech has shaped my passion: To take ideas from the lab to the operating room to positively impact society.


OSSTEC's aims to empower people to be the best they can be. We are developing leading technology from the lab to the operating room to improve patient care. Our additive manufactured bone healing platform technology will change orthopaedics, helping to keep patients healthy, active and enjoying life.

One sentece pitch

OSSTEC’s 3D printed platform technology mimics bone to keep patients healthy and active.


MedTech; US & Europe

Company Investment Stage

£1.2M Equity investment (VCs & angels). £800k grants (UK gov)

Company Locotion

London, UK


“1.3M knee replacement procedures are performed every year globally. The leading cause of failure of these implants is loosening, a loss of fixation between the bone and implant. This is responsbile for 35% of failures and leads to complications, second surgery and an under-treatment in younger patients who experienced reduced quality of life.

OSSTEC’s founding team includes engineers, surgeons and founders with previous successful exits in orthopaedics. They met because Mr. Alex Liddle (CCO & Consultant Surgeon) and Prof. Jonathan Jeffers (CTO & successful founder) wanted to explore how to address the leading causes of failures in orthopaedics. They began work on this with Dr. Maxwell Munford (CEO) and the rest is history!”


OSSTEC’s technology stimulates bone to grow into implants. Like a tree growing roots, bone fixes onto the implant meaning that implants fail less and last longer. This technology has been developed over 10 years at Imperial College London and proven in animal studies and human cadaver trials. OSSTEC’s technology completely removes the need for cement from the operation, meaning that surgeries can be faster and cheaper.

Business Model

OSSTEC will sell implant devices and accomopanying instrumentation to partnering orthoapedic OEM distirbutors, spanning 25%+ market share. Crucially, we fit within the existing supply chain ecosystem without any distruption to the existing practices of surgeons, hospitals or buyers.


Metal 3D printing is in widespread use in orthopaedics, with proven apetite from surgeons, OEMs and hospitals. Our full competitor analysis is available in our dataroom. OSSTEC is the only company with the technology to develop implants which are strong enough for long-life survivorship in patients while also regenerating tissue. We are the only people able to make 3D printed implants which heal and regenerate bone. This has been referred to as “the holy grail of orthopaedics” by Vice Presidents of 2 of the ‘big-4’ orthopaedic companies. This is made poossible because the founding team has spent 10 years developing the technology and are world-leading experts in 3D printing and orthopaedic practice and research.


“OSSTEC has secured £1.2M investment in its oversubscribed seed round and £800k in government grants. We have ~£3M soft commitments for our Series A raise in 2024 from existing investors.
Our team has grown to 7 employees, including some of the industry’s best engineers and quality/regulatory strategists. We are currently expanding our clinical advisory board.
OSSTEC has acheive huge milestones at an unprecedented accelerated pace since closing its seed round in Q1 2023. We have performed our first human cadaveric procedure, been nominated for some of the top awards for UK startups and are exhibiting at the largest orthopaedics conference alongside the market leaders. We are well on our way to performing first in human procedures adn generating first revenues in 2024.
We are in partnership discussions with multiple of the US ‘big-4’ orthopaedics companies, each owning ~25% of the global orthopaedics market. This will establish OSSTEC’s global distribution.”

Looking For

MedTech investors with strategic value and experience in the marketing and distribution of a medical device. Medical device professionals (investor, surgeon or otherwise) who can support getting our orthopaedic implants to market in the US. Collaborators who can support OSSTEC’s business development in the US.

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